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American & British Industrial Solutions (ABIS) Limited is a globally recognised engineering firm. Our expertise is design, engineering, project management and procurement. Our personnel currently provide technical services to various engineering sectors in the USA, Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. ABIS’s experienced team have worked on engineering projects worldwide for more than 25 years and are familiar with the current work practices and technologies to help your company save time and lower costs.

Our Experience

Our experienced engineering team managed to complete four different cable and ceramic tiles factory floor layouts, and managed to install and commission three cable factories and one ceramic tile factory.


Our main Products

Product 1

The extruders are designed and manufactured to process all types of compounds at the highest productivity and performance.

They are totally realized by using the highest quality of components, steel, stainless steel, or alloy and every single component is accurately designed, customized, and calculated according to the material rheology, compounds to be extruded and performance to be achieved.

All the extruders are ensuring high throughput and High Torque on the screw axes.

Product 2

We source Crosshead for all types of compounds and processes.

The crossheads we provide are manufactured using the highest quality of stainless steel or other alloy ensuring the highest performance and productivity taking care of the operator's safety.

The crossheads can be dedicated to all types of compounds and processes.

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Our Projects

some of our projects

More than 25 years in the industry

We aim to provide customers with a service they deserve by utilizing our 25 years of engineering experience.

Company Profile


Her are some of our customers reviews

Hotel 3

Mike Smith

The modifications flexibility, cooperation and collaboration of ABIS team that brought to the table everyday was greatly appreciated. This atmosphere resulted in a truly enjoyable projects experience for everyone involved, a successful result and a very pleased owner.

Hotel 1

Mohammad Ourfahli

"To refer clients to someone is to trust implicitly that they'll take care of them to an equal or greater standard than you set for yourself. I frequently refer my clients to the ABIS International, knowing that they are in capable hands and will provide them with exceptional service."

Hotel 2

Hamzah Jijan

ABIS team skills and long experiences start from tools readiness, excellent preparing, express opinions, challenges discussion, tasks schedule and materials selection led to handing over sites in time no tiny mistakes.


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UK Office


124 City Road,London, EC1V 2NX

Phone Number

+44 3335 330035



USA Office


4166 Dunde Crossing Dr, Pace 32571,Florida - USA

Phone Number

+1 424 376 8413



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