3.1 Chilled Water System Networks

ABIS engineers are ready to conduct full study, design, and implement Chilled Water System networks for factories and other establishments that need cold water, including heat exchanger networks for the purpose of cooling products or cooling the ambient surrounding.

3.2 Compressed Air Networks

ABIS is capable of designing and implementing corrosion-resistant compressed air networks required for factories using the pneumatic system, in addition, ABIS will design and implement the ventilation system network for compressors supported by air dryers, which includes moisture and impurities filtering and purification units for compressed air to preserve the pneumatic network from damage and malfunction.

3.3 Potable and Industrial Water Distribution Systems

ABIS can undertake full study, design, and implement Potable and industrial water distribution systems, providing full calculations of electric pump units that operate automatically to maintain constant network pressure to meet the needs of the establishment. 

3.4 Industrial Boilers Distribution Networks

ABIS provides a well-honed study, design, implement and commission Industrial Boilers distribution networks that supply factories/industrial establishments with needed hot water and steam. 

Commercial Water Softening Systems will be part of the Boilers distribution systems, where the hard water passes through a high-quality cation exchange resin column inside the pressure vessel, using a process known as ion exchange to keep the systems’ clogging free and operate at a higher efficiency.

3.5 Low Voltage Networks

At ABIS we are happy to conduct a full study, design, and implement Over-head Cable trays & Low-Voltage Network for factories, taking into consideration the detailed calculations of the cables used and the electrical loads of the machines and facilities.


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